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Flex Conference (Physical / Digital)

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Submit Paper Conference Registration

Conference Program

Here's the schedule for the one-day SAIRAP event:

  • The attendees will sign in at the event venue and collect their conference materials from the registration counter.
  • The event chairperson will host the opening ceremony at 9:00 am. All the attendees should be present at this event.
  • The keynote speakers will further address the event with their remarkable speeches. They will also share their achievements and expertise with the participants.
  • The presentations will be categorized into different sessions as per the seminar topics. The presentation mode, like oral, poster, or virtual, will also influence this categorization.
  • Attendees must find the right event room and mark their presence at least five minutes earlier the event.
  • They can use this time to prepare their systems and get ready for the presentation. The session chair will grade presentations based on their insights. A brief Q&A session and discussion will be held after every presentation.
  • Faculty members of elite education institutions should attend our conferences to enrich their knowledge. It helps them create a powerful generation of future leaders and innovators.
  • Once the oral presentations are done, the chair will assess the virtual and poster presentations.
  • A closing dinner ceremony will be held around 7 pm for all the participants and panel members.
  • Post-ceremony, the names of the winners and best presentations will be announced. The panel members will also be felicitated for their contributions to the event.

Important Dates

Early Bird Registration :24th June 2024

Paper Submission Deadline :
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1st January 1970

Last Date of Registration : 24th July 2024

Date of Conference :
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24th -
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1st January 1970

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