Wireless Sensor Networks, Ubiquitous Computing and Applications

  •  Wireless Sensor Networks

     Applications of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs)

     Hybrid Networks

     Applications of IoT through Sensors

     Smart Homes and Smart Grid technology

     Wearable computing

     Cloud Computing through Sensors

     Renewable power resources for wireless devices

     Vehicle tracking system

     Location and Context Aware Computing

     Smart Surveillance

     Device to Device Communications

     Computing in Hand held devices

     Communicating Infrastructure in WSN

     Data management in Wireless Sensor Networks

     Applications of Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic in WSN

     Energy efficient Protocols /Algorithms

     4G / 5G Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios

     Data Mining Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks

     Role of Sensor Networks in Edge Computing

    Track 2 : Security Issues in Developing Algorithms/ Protocols

     Security in WSN

     Security Issues in MANET

     Intruder Detection System

     Intrusion Prevention Mechanisms

     Cyber Security

     Development of QoS Algorithms/Protocols

     Optimization Techniques

     Encryption and Decryption Algorithms.

     Security Issues in implementing IoT

     Security in Digital Image Processing

     4G/5G Security and Private Issues

     Security Issues in Cloud Computing/Big data